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This blog is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my best to supply a motivational quote, a Bible verse, a vocabulary word, and a personal message from myself. Use these if you like as motivation to improve yourself. Then, simply answer the daily questions provided honestly and see if it has an impact on your life. Zig Ziglar said, "If you don't have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer." Lets not be just dreamers but doers. Remember Martin Luther King Jr not only had a dream, he also had an objective. Thanks for reading, Jake

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Instant Comfort

“Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm.” Thomas Fuller

Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so He bringeth them unto their desired haven. Psalms 107:28-30

Calamity: “an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster” New Oxford American Dictionary

We've all heard the phrase, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” It's true, we all have a tendency to develop a godlike complex when things are going well. However, when disasters occur, in our breaking, we plead for mercy and help from above. I remember as a child, every time I did something to get in trouble I would pray to God for Him to fix the problem I was facing, promising I'd never sin again. Of course, I've sinned many times since, and will likely continue to sin, as long as I'm bound to my sinful nature.  Like myself as a child, we have a tendency to in-debt ourselves for instant gratification, without ever desiring to follow through on our debts. We like to drive new cars, but hate paying the bill. We like having nice houses, but I can't imagine anyone enjoying paying the mortgage. We like being rescued from disaster, but don't necessarily enjoy paying the debt for our rescue. It's comforting however, to know that, while in life, men almost never forgive our debts, while God continually bails us out of our calamities and forgives our debts, with no expectation for repayment. He loves us beyond our imagination and desires more than anything to help us. That's why Jesus already died for us. There is a blank check waiting to pay off all our sinful debts. All we have to do is sign it. From that point on, our lives are changed forever. Our hearts are changed forever. Our wills are changed forever. From the inside out. In Him there may not be instant gratification, but there is instant comfort.

Daily Journaling Questions:
      1. How did I help someone in kindness today?
      2. What did I learn today?
      3. What am I thankful for?
      4. Who did I love today?
      5. What am I dreaming for?
      6. What about today do I want to remember forever?
      7. What are my goals for tomorrow?
Thanks for reading, you mean a lot to me.

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