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This blog is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my best to supply a motivational quote, a Bible verse, a vocabulary word, and a personal message from myself. Use these if you like as motivation to improve yourself. Then, simply answer the daily questions provided honestly and see if it has an impact on your life. Zig Ziglar said, "If you don't have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer." Lets not be just dreamers but doers. Remember Martin Luther King Jr not only had a dream, he also had an objective. Thanks for reading, Jake

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Mutual Values

If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values - that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12

Mutual: “held in common by two or more parties” New Oxford American Dictionary

There's a true story of an event shortly after WWI began. It was Christmas, soldiers were tired of fighting, killing, and dying. So what did they do? For that one day, against the orders of their commanders, soldiers on each side implemented an impromptu cease fire and shared a Christmas celebration together. On that day, politics failed to persuade them, orders failed to force them, even anger and vengeance failed to motivate them. The only thing that motivated them was their values found in spirituality. As we go through this election season here in the United States; lets all remember that, while we may disagree about politics, or religion, or whatever, we have so much more in common than those things. We all have mutual values. Values we can be thankful for. Let's find them. Let's cultivate them. And let's share them. And while we focus on what we have in common, the bigger picture will become more clear, and the way we treat each other will reflect it accordingly.

Daily Journaling Questions:
  1. How did I help someone in kindness today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. What am I thankful for?
  4. Who did I love today?
  5. What am I dreaming for?
  6. What about today do I want to remember forever?
  7. What are my goals for tomorrow?
Thanks for reading.

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