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This blog is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my best to supply a motivational quote, a Bible verse, a vocabulary word, and a personal message from myself. Use these if you like as motivation to improve yourself. Then, simply answer the daily questions provided honestly and see if it has an impact on your life. Zig Ziglar said, "If you don't have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer." Lets not be just dreamers but doers. Remember Martin Luther King Jr not only had a dream, he also had an objective. Thanks for reading, Jake

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Pray?

“Happiness is not dependent on happenings, but on relationship in happenings.” - Corrie Ten Boom

Pray without ceasing. - 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer: “a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.” -

Why pray? Why pray when God knows the answers and the needs and the desires of and for everything. Why pray when He has a purpose for this world and our lives that is beyond our ability to know? I don’t know why God does what He does, why He allows certain things to happen, why He doesn’t let us in on all the answers? Here’s what I do know. There is power in prayer. There is power on our knees. I’ve felt it, experienced it, and seen it. Now the skeptic might be saying that all the occurrences I’ve seen after prayer would have happened anyway. That I’m simply witnessing coincidences. Maybe that’s true. Maybe God did intend for a prayer to be answered, knowing since the beginning of time what I would be praying for, when, and how. In fact, God does know what you’re going to ask, before you ask. He said, “Before thy call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.” - Isaiah 65:24 Notice, it doesn’t say God will answer without us even asking. That He hears without us speaking. No, God desires a prayer. Prayer is the linking up between humanity and God. Sure, God knows everything we would ever want or need. But most of all, we need a relationship with Him. He sent His word so that we can learn about Him. He already knows about us, but He wants more. He want’s to be in a relationship with us. God doesn’t need our prayer to do His work. He has it all under control. However, we need prayer to build a relationship with Him. And that’s what it’s all about. Remember The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? The whole premise of the story revolved around the question of the meaning of life. And no, it’s not 42. The meaning of life is found in relationship. What would life be like if we had no relationships? We’d have no spouse, no friends, no parents, no dogs or cats, and no god. But there is a God. And so, with God the ultimate goal is relationship. And the crux of any relationship is communion. That’s what prayer is for. It’s for communion with God. That’s where our relationship is built, and it’s in that relationship that prayers are answered. It’s in a relationship with God that we see miracles happen. It’s in that relationship that we begin to appreciate what God does in our lives and the value He can add to them. And it’s in that relationship with Him that He shows us who He is. Bad things are still going to happen. A relationship with God doesn’t nullify the effects of sin. However, it does come with the promise of salvation from sin. It does mean that there will be a day free from the ills of this world. It comes with the realization the Jesus died to for you and for me. So why pray? I think the real question is. Why not pray?

Daily Journaling Questions:
  1. How did I help someone in kindness today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. What am I thankful for?
  4. Who did I love today?
  5. What am I dreaming of?
  6. What about today do I want to remember forever?
  7. What are my goals for tomorrow?
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